Fitness for Life

    "Abbie’s online coaching program has helped me manage my fitness and wellness through two personalized services: Remote fitness and healthy eating plans. Being functionally fit and healthy is very important to me, although a busy professional life often gets in the way of achieving these ideals, particularly when I’m traveling. Finding time to maintain my desired level of fitness and managing a healthy diet at these times often proves to be a challenge; particularly when social engagements are thrown in.
  Abbie’s on-the-go fitness programs are a fantastic tool to help me maintain my fitness. They are personalized and can fit into any schedule irrespective of how hectic that might be. Her plans are easy to adapt and Abbie is available to advise and help as you see fit. With Abbie’s hands-on approach your progress is important to her; she provides feedback and will check-in frequently to make sure the plan works for you.
  Wellness is not just about exercise, Abbie’s advice about healthy eating and eating “right” for the level of exercise you’re doing is also fundamental. I was astonished by how easy it was to follow and almost immediate rewards these plans produced. I follow her guidelines daily and pay particular attention when I’m away.
  Altogether, Abbie’s fitness services provide an approach to wellness that you can easily follow and which will yield results. Maintaining these results thereafter is a piece of cake."

- Stuart D.

  ​"I work out on a regular basis but I get bored easily and sometimes I need that little bit of motivation to get me going.  Abbie is a gem!  Not only is she motivating but she knows just what I need to make my workouts fulfilling.  Her positive outlook is infectious and I finish my workouts with a smile on my face.  The drive I get from her is both short term and long term.  I see the results immediately and that encourages me to want to keep going.  Abbie knows where I’m strong and where I need lots of help (my words, definitely not hers; she only sees the good), and she custom-makes each and every workout to fit my needs for that day.  Whereas before, I considered a workout as something I had to do, now I view it as and fun and enjoyable.  I don’t know what I would do without Abbie."

- Alex P.

"I opted for at-home training. It is simply outstanding!  Abbie brings all the devices and leads me through a very comprehensive workout of strength, agility and aerobics.  She very effectively works groups of muscles that I don't consistently get to on my own.  She pushes me in a way that is fun, motivational and challenging.  Highly recommend."
- Phil J.

​"I needed someone to provide personal attention in teaching my sons (14 & 9 years old) soccer and basketball.  Soccer and other sports camps never worked out for them, so I thought I'd give a personal trainer a try.  That was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time.  Abbie is a fantastic and wonderful motivator.  By the end of the summer, both of my sons made amazing transformations and great progress.  Abbie also helped them gain confidence and develop more interest in these sports which was more than I asked for.  Now, I wished I had hired her sooner!"
- Celia W.

"I hired Abbie to help pull my health and fitness game back together after a year of too much booze, stress and a knee injury. Abbie is friendly, approachable, and knowledgable - I looked forward to our sessions each week. I ultimately lost 10 lbs. over the course of training with Abbie - I'd highly recommend her!"

-Crystal T.

​"Abbie is really positive and offers good advice about nutrition in addition to leading me through some tough workouts! She comes to my home and is flexible in terms of scheduling. Abbie is going to help me kick butt and get back into shape!!"
- Ketki W.

"Abbie is lovely and an excellent trainer. I have as much fun chatting with her as I do exercising."

Tru B.

"Doing it on my own wasn't working.  I needed someone to create workouts that helped me get in shape which also didn't flare up my injury. Abbie not only knows her stuff (she herself is a multiple Ironman/triathelete) she has immense patience to work with folks not as athletic. Moreover we have FUN!  Her wit and kindness make the time go by quickly.  No yelling.  No humiliation.  No drill Sargent."
- Dhaya L.

"Training with Abbie is like having your own personal bootcamp that works best with your schedule! Each session is 45 minutes.  The session keeps me moving the whole time and definitely challenges my muscles.  Abbie is also really nice and very easy to get along with.  So if you're looking for a fulfilling workout and someone to have a good conversation with, Abbie's the one!"
- Mars J.

"She's been great, keeping me motivated, and stays in touch to keep me on track. She's also very responsive which is very important with my schedule. Highly recommended!"
- Kulia F.

​"Abbie has been an amazing personal trainer!"
- Olivia T.

"Abbie and I meet once a week for a 45 minute session. She then writes down our workout when I ask so that I can do them on my own twice more per week. She is very friendly and motivating. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a workout partner who will push you and encourage you all at the same time."

- Alyx J.

"Abbie is fantastic. She is professional, enthusiastic and her workouts are very effective. I am so happy to have found her."

- Neha B. 

"Abbie has become my personal trainer. She listens well and directs well. She obviously knows her stuff and has good advice to give. She pushed me hard but not to the point of not being able to do out next session."

- Morgan E.